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Polysoude is renowned for its expertise in orbital TIG welding, with an extensive product range which includes highly efficient equipment for mechanised, automated, robotic and automatic TIG welding systems, as well as solutions for weld overlay / cladding applications.


Whenever metal is inseparably connected anywhere in the world, the probability is rather high that EWM is involved. EWM is one of the global market leaders in the field of welding technology. Goal is to be the first and the best in all things related to technology, quality, and customer benefits.


Lloyd Dynamowerke (LDW)

LDW represents custom-made machines using the best technology, from which you will benefit for many years.

AC & DC Motors


Carbon brushes with holder - When it comes to the safe and long-lasting operation of your electric drives, carbon brushes and their matching carbon brush holders are essential elements. Our solutions in this area ensure that power transmission functions optimally while protecting all system components involved as much as possible. 

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The name Wöhner has been synonymous with top performance and innovation in technology for over 90 years. Today, the Wöhner Group is well established worldwide as a competent and reliable partner for energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies



Your partner for smart power distribution. When it comes to selecting and equipping suitable solutions and products for power distribution in the low-voltage range, WALTHER are the right contact for you.

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The right cable glands and cable trunking for your industry.

PFLITSCH is the global market leader when it comes to industrial cable management. PFLITSCH have developed a perfectly coordinated and holistic system of innovative product solutions and services for cable glandscable routing and cable protection.

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